About Us

The illustrated mind was created back in 2010 out of a desire to represent emerging trends in illustration and design and to showcase new talent both locally and internationally. Born out of Brighton's finest tee store; boy parker. We felt it was then time to stand on our own, at least in the world wide web.

We've collaborated with a number of people. Pete Sharp / Jack Teagle / Gordon Holden / Joe Daly / Nick Edwards / Pippa Toole / Ryan De La Hoz / Maria Herreros / Steve Seeley / Boo Cook / Ed Cheverton and Ill Mind Regular, the super talented, James Rueben.

There are two ways you can look at the Illustrated mind. Either 'Exclusive illustration fashionably deployed' or 'Awesome pictures on nice tees'. We don't mind which but we hope that somewhere around those two phrases is a place you comfortably find yourself.

Find us online or in store at Family Store in Brighton.